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western allegheny railroad

The Western Allegheny Railroad ran east-west from Queen Junction to West New Castle.  It operated in this area from 1906-1939.  It was build primarily to haul freight, specifically coal and limestone to the steel mills in New Castle and Pittsburgh.  Portersville Station was three miles north of the borough.  Due to the construction of Lake Arthur, moving of old roads, and regrading of the land, it is difficult to pinpoint the exact spot where the old station was located.  It is very close to say that it is between the dam and area where the 422 exit ramp to North Shore of Moraine State Park crosses Muddy Creek.  The map below gives a general idea although the station would be better placed to the right of I-70, not left as shown.  

The picture to the right shows the old Western Allegheny Right-of-way, as shown looking west from the West Park Road Bridge.  Today, the old right-of-way can be seen at both ends of the park, with about eight miles of it running directly beneath Lake Arthur.

station diagram.jpg

Image to the left shows the home for the Portersville Station agent.  It was across the tracks from the Station, shown below. 

The station was a large one for the railline.  It included the station agent's office, a freight room, and a waiting room with benches.


Image, below right is courtesy Mrs. Peg Stickle. 

A040 (2).jpg
port station.jpg
WARR engine and tinder.jpg

This WA RR photo was taken east of Queen Junction, but shows the locomotive and tender as they have looked passing through Portersville Station.


This a combination baggage and passenger car.  Full size cars for both purposes were also used.  Passenger service was discontinue in 1928, with freight service until 1939.

cropped Rose Point Bridge.jpg

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This dramatic shot was taken just north and west of Postersville as the engine crossed the Slippery Rock Creek at Rose Point.

The WA RR ceased operation in 1939 west of Queen Junction.  This bridge and the tracks from Queen Junction to West Pittsburgh were dismantled and removed in 1942 so that the steel could be used for the war effort.  

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