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1151 W Portersville Rd

Portersville, PA 16051



Non-emergency: 724-368-3261

VFD 1.jpg
VFD #24.jpg

The Portersville Muddy Creek Township Volunteer Fire Department provide fire and rescue service to the citizens of Muddy Creek Township: 


To report an emergency in Muddy Creek Township you must dial 9-1-1.  Listed above is the non-emergency contact information for the Fire Department.  Do not call this number to report an emergency.


Dedicated men and women make up the emergency services for Muddy Creek Township.  Any person wishing to become a member of the Volunteer Fire Department in Muddy Creek Township should contact the Fire Chief.  Being a member of a Volunteer Fire Department is not only a way to volunteer your time to your community but also a way to make new friends and acquaintances.


Never forget those we lost. Rest easy, we’ll take it from here.   

    ...from 9-11-19 Facebook posting

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