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Photos courtesy Mindy Daugherty and Ken Miller


This business served Pabst Blue Ribbon beer, according to the sign.  It faced today's US 19, the old 19 and West Park Road running behind it.  The area today is Elite Stone.


Aerial view, looking north.  New 19 is on the left, old 19 veers off from today's West Park Road.


Prior's Restaurant and Ice Cream Bar on Old 19.


Prior's original truck stop caught fire and burned.  The new company and restaurant were built on new US 19.


The new restaurant opened September 1939.

ridgeview 2.JPG

This building still stands as a residence at the corner of Perry Highway and Johnson Road, north of Portersville.

dixie inn 2.JPG

Dixie Inn was a famous roadside stop on 19 for travelers between Pittsburgh and Erie,  located  just south of today's intersection with US 422, north of Portersville. The postcard advertises Barbecue, Rooms, Lunches of all kinds, Good Water, Picnic Grove, Children's Playground, Cabins for Rent, coolest spot on the highway.

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