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The year was 1919, when two brothers, Clarence and John Ralph purchased an existing business, and opened their door under the name of Moore & Moore.  It was a general store where groceries, beef raised on their farm, hardware, feed, farm machinery, and gasoline were sold.

Clarence’s first wife had died, leaving him with two small daughters.  He soon remarried Ellen Ellefson.  They had four more children.

The C.D. Moore coal mine operated from 1926 until 1950.

The two brothers ran the business together until 1923, when John left to work in the mill.  Clarence and Ellen continued in business.  From 1938 until 1945 a similar store was located in Rose Point that was run by C.D.’s daughter and son-in-law, Virginia and Ralph Porter.

Clarence was joined in the business in 1955 by his two sons, Frank and C. Sam Moore.  While Frank worked in the store, installed well pumps and spread lime and fertilizer for over fifty years, Sam worked the family farm where his son, Dan Moore, continues to operate the farm today.

Frank became the sole owner in 1967.  Clarence and Ellen worked in the store until 1976.  He died in 1978 and she passed in 1983.  While Clarence was in the hospital and not expected to survive, Frank went in to see his father.  The first thing he said to Frank was, “Who is minding the store?”

Remodeling took place in 1923, 1946, and 1963.  Thinks have changed a lot in 100 years.  The groceries are only a memory, the gas pumps are gone, but the old charm still remains.  Children can step up on the stool in front of the candy case and spend their pennies on licorice or bubble gum.

In 1991 the third generation took the reins.  Mindy Daugherty, granddaughter of the Moores, and her husband, Dave, have been serving the public.  “It is not easy to compete with the big box stores, but we offer more personal service.  We know most of our customers by their first name, and we enjoy helping them with their purchase.”

Moore & Moore would like to thank all of you for your patronage over these many years, not only for your business, but for your friendship.


Anniversary Celebration July 13, 2019

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