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election information

The open seats on the Portersville Primary 2019 ballot were:

                four  4-year terms

                one  2-year term

                one  2-year mayor

                one  2-year tax collector

It is possible to mount a write-in campaign for the November 2019 General Election.  Financial statements would be required to be filed by the write-in when they officially accept the position.

WRITE-IN CANDIDATES – PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: The Butler County Board of Elections recommends that all write-in candidates provide Information cards to voters with the candidate’s name and office they are a candidate for clearly printed on (as registered). It is also recommended that the candidate ask the voter to type the name on the IVO ballot screen exactly as it appears on the information card. Once the primary/general election is concluded, the Board of Elections must certify the results. For write-in candidates, the election law requires that the Board must compute and certify votes exactly as the names appear on the ballot. The results of the certification process will appear on the Butler County website ( As indicated above, the Board of Elections must certify votes cast in either the primary or general election ballot exactly as names are written. For example, a candidate registered as John C. Lancaster, would have variations of his name such as , J. Lancaster, J. C. Lancaster and Jon Lancaster listed as separate write in votes on the certification. Under Section 1406 of the Election Code in Pennsylvania (25 P.S. §3156), a candidate may petition to accumulate votes with similar names. This petition must be presented to the Board of Elections in the Election Services Office not later than five days after the completion of the recanvass of the votes cast at either a primary or general election. Please be advised that the Butler County Board of Elections and the Election Services Office cannot provide legal advice concerning this petition process. If a candidate wishes to determine whether it is necessary or advisable to present a petition of this type, that candidate should seek legal advice concerning that process. All write-in candidates must abide by the Campaign Finance Reporting Law. If a write-in candidate is in receipt of, or is spending, $250 or more for his/her campaign; the candidate must file Campaign Finance Statements and Reports in a timely manner. Please check with the Election Services Office, before you begin your campaign, for the proper forms, reports and filing dates. Also, you should be aware that all advertising and signage must clearly state who is paying for that advertising and signage.



The  PA Borough Code  contains specifics covering the Portersville Borough Council.  The Butler County Bureau of Elections is responsible for all elections held in the county.

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